Planting day 2015 recap

After moving the ground and adding some more organic ground with compost we proceeded with the planting exercise.

wpid-20150215_140608.jpg wpid-20150215_141927.jpg

Since our 3 x 3 plot already has Artichoke using the top three rows, the following was planted in the rest of the plot:

wpid-20150215_143547.jpg wpid-20150215_143455.jpg wpid-20150215_143043.jpg


I hope you can picture the above array with 3 rows on top for the Artichokes. Found some fire ants, but not a big deal. They help with ventilation. Part of my small ecosystem.


Also on some extra pots planted the following:


Also planted our first pineapple based on a post I saw online:


Planted some extra zucchini, lettuce and sweet peppers.

Used bunching onions to border the plots to keep pets and pests at bay.


The model above is my handsome youngest son.

Also added the carrots that gave me so good yield last year.


Should be able to post progress on most crops in the next 2-3 weeks, stay tuned!


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