Planting day, 2015!

We have this kind of planting party after the last freeze to get the garden going for the summer. We involve our kids in all aspects of the process so they get that contact with the earth that I feel is so important. My wife enjoys it as well even when she lived in the city most of her life. I’ve been closer to mother earth all my life.

Our planting space is really limited, barely a 3 x 3 feet plus some pots and trees on the ground. Of course, we plan on expanding this as we keep perfecting the process.

We got a nice organic seed package in Costco this year from Mountain Valley Seed Co. We’ll skip the Jalapenos as we don’t like spicy stuff.



The package doesn’t look like the one in the video but contains from carrots to water melons to cilantro. Vegetables, fruits and herbs. Seems like a nice balance to get started with my limited space.

First we move the ground and divide it in sections for different varieties we’ll plant this year.

Add some more new ground, organic of course.

Then start planting as per the instructions.

Here’s our orange tree. It did pretty good over the winter.

Here’s our lemon tree. Winter was harsher on it even when I covered it the most. It still green, so it should wake up soon.

Here are our two types of fig trees.

The one in the pot, gave us around 20 figs last year. We are still amazed. It’s waking up already.


Here’s our peach tree. It didn’t do good last year. I even believe it might not have survived the winter. Struggled to find some green on the trunk.

Here’s our grape vine, still dormant. Hope it wakes up as well soon.

Artichokes are here, hopefully ready to start harvest this year.


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