Growing pineapples at home is a ton of fun. The myth that it’s a hard fruit to grow is a common one, but I can guarantee it’s a lot easier than you think. Pineapples are full of vitamins and nutrients, are great for suppressing cough, and are good for you in general.

While pineapples aren’t that hard to grow, they take some time. You may need a year or two for a full sized fruit to be produced. But they’re a pretty plant and a lot of fun to grow anyway. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Buy a pineapple. An organic pineapple from the store will do.
  2. Cut the fruit. Cut the top off the fruit, leaving some of the pineapple attached to the leafy part.
  3. Plant the pineapple in a pot if you’re in a cooler climate, or in the ground if you’re in a warmer climate.
  4. Water it and then you can pretty much forget it. They don’t need a lot of tending. Just a little water.
  5. Wait. And wait some more.
  6. Harvesting occurs after a year or two. Your plant should start to produce a fruit. Let the fruit ripen, then harvest it from the plant.

Here is where I got the above information for planting pineapples.

Below is the update on my planted pineapple. The original leaves are the outside ones that are drying out, but must of the inner ones are new leaves! I think w’re on the right path. This was planted as well on the Planting day 2015.



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