Coconut Milk Yogurt


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Traditional yogurt, made with cow’s milk, is off-limits to those with milk allergies or anyone following the Autoimmune protocol.  But yogurt is one food that I miss.


Coconut yogurt is a healthy alternative that’s made with coconut milk instead. In addition to being dairy free, coconut yogurt also supplies several important vitamins and minerals and can have live and active cultures just like milk-based yogurts.

Not only is coconut milk yogurt a great idea, it’s really delicious. It’s tangy and creamy like a yogurt should be. The only problem is that there is almost no protein in it, and this means that it does not thicken up in the same way that a regular cows milk yogurt does.  And this is the reason why those store bought brands contain the added gums and thickeners that I would prefer to avoid.

The ideal solution to wanting to avoid all those gums is to make your own.

Some recipes…

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