Easter Egg Ice Cream Cake in subsequence

Ufff! Looks so good…

ice cream magazine

DSC_3569  DSC_3587

Oh yes, absolutely L’decorator provocateur chocolatier! The Chocky Wocky Road became a Chocky Wonky Hillock on the Wocky road to pure chaos. There was limited decorous intention. Little more than walloping a couple of boxes of chocolates over it.  Pure preposterousness of self ensued?

Ting of a great idea: Fabricate melted chocolate to pour over balloons to make a couple of chocolate cages. A milk one to be placed over the über egg cake. The dark chocolate cage over that.  Watch and learn Mr. Faberge, just you watch and learn.

Balloon No. 1.

Inflate, to be comfortably large enough to amply cover the permafrozen dinosaur-esque egg, which was shoved into a jug, ostensibly secured into place. After which drizzle with melted milk chocolate.  A little oil to stop it sticking, drizzle back and forth, add stars, job done?

Well, err no. Not exactly, see splodge below.

DSC_3355  DSC_3564DSC_3349  DSC_3348

The weight…

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