Beef Heart Steak

Looks both healthy and tasty.

salixisme - AIP Living

I mentioned in a previous post that I had met Rachel from Trails End Beef.

The purpose of that meeting was for me to collect some wonderful 100% grass-fed beef heart, beef tongue and beef suet.

Let me tell you that the heart is absolutely WONDERFUL!

This is what I made with some of it….


That beautiful plate of food is a beef-heart steak, some roasted root vegetables and bacon braised chard…

It was absolutely delicious, and simply packed with nutrition.

Organ meats, such as heart are one of the most concentrated sources of important vitamins, minerals and essential amino-acids.

Heart is a very concentrated source of Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) which is important for cardiovascular health.  Heart also contains large amounts of Vitamin A, B12, folic acid, iron, selenium, phosphorus and zinc.  It is also a rich source of copper.  In addition to this, heart contains more collagen…

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