Updates from the field

It’s been raining for over a week and one more week on the forecast here in Texas. Due to that I haven’t been out as much. Yesterday afternoon I took some time to take a look the plants I have covered on the backyard and was more than happy with what I saw.


More than ten figs are in progress and doing pretty good.


A small “forest” of carrots is doing pretty good.


Same with the lettuce.


And the tomato plant I planted last week.

Some notes for future reference about those:

  • Tomato works well on partial sun. I planted one in the bed back on the planting day and is lot smaller than the one in the picture above that I planted last week. Same goes with lettuce.
  • Watermelon and Cantaloupe plant tried, but didn’t last long under the Texas sun, and we are not even in summer yet. Due to the size they need to grow, I doubt I’ll be able to plant them at all unless I provide some kind of shade.
  • Texas weather seems to support well roots and greens.

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