Nutrient Deficiency in Plants

I got an interesting article today about how plants talk to us and tell us what they are lacking. here’s the link: It is in Spanish but you can see the web page translated to English.


We will look more closely at how we can provide these nutrients by lack:

Lack of Calcium: To add calcium, we can use the eggshells .

Lack of Nitrogen: One way is with the manure spreader and the other adding worm compost in the pot / garden or watering with liquid earthworm humus .

Lack of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur: Adding Humus in the pot / garden or watering withliquid humus worm , also Purin Ortigas

Lack of Potassium: We can apply irrigation with banana you , we can irrigate with Russian comfrey purin !.

Yet almost all the necessary nutrients brings us the humus , which we know is a great fertilizer, and can also strengthen the plants and improve the soil structure with compost tea .

Pay And as plant nutrients missing and one will never be a problem. One last recommendation and very important, is just as bad about nurturing a plant, that lacks nutrients, so do not abuse of fertilizers.


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