Summer’s gone, getting ready for Fall gardening

Over the weekend temperatures started to drop to the 60’s. This means Fall is upon us. The above picture is no more. Imagine the picture above without the right side. That’s what we have right now.


You can see how it looks right now above.

Zucchini plants started dying so I got rid of them. It was a good season. Got Got around 20 zucchinis between I harvested too late and had to get rid off (rookie mistake) and the ones we still have stored. Waiting for them to grow too big is a big mistake. They taste source after they start changing color. The ones I really enjoyed I took while dark green. I guess I was used to “normal” produce that it’s ready when it changes colors.

Tomatoes are still going. Got probably around 10 so far and another 10 bigger ones are almost ready to be harvested. Not sure how long it’ll stay around after that.

With the new available space, we need to start planning for fall gardening. It’s time for greens and roots.

I have the benefit of having a nearby University that has agricultural department, so I have really accurate information available.

That said, I’ll get the greens and carrots going. Last year I was able to get some carrots on the summer harvest, but that didn’t work this year. Not sure if it was due to them not being planted in the ground in the sun, but in a pot in the shade. I still have one month for planting those, By then the tomato plant should be gone so we have the full raised bed available.

Artichokes are peeking again, specially the one on the shadows of the now gone zucchini plant. I should get another harvest during fall.


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