Plants to atract beneficial insects

Attract beneficial insects to the garden is one of the most effective tactics ecological known to combat pests in the garden, because we give them shelter during cultivation and after it is finished. So predators do not go elsewhere and we will always be available.

We must do a fence around the garden with different plants that are going to say next:

1. Romero: blooms twice a year so it feeds the PREDATOR INSECTS such as wasps, parasitic, hoverflies and other beneficial insects that feed also nectar and pollen from too few pests.

2. Olivarda-altabaca: multiple attracts predatory insects like flies, Nesidiocoris that feeds WHITEFLY and other pests. Also home to insects that fight the olive fruit fly and Tuta.

3. Chamomile: Chamomile plant in Spring thus attracts LACEWINGS , big predators of aphids and predatory wasps.

4. Calendula can be wild or ornamental. Its flowers attract pollinators and wasps that parasitize APHIDS generally.

5. Tagetes: Having them planted among crops is very beneficial because it repels with its roots in nematodes and ANTS .


6. Yarrow: It attracts HOVERFLIES which lay their eggs in our plants with aphids.

7. Fennel is a plant that attracts wasps that prey on CATERPILLARS as they also feed on nectar.

8. Basil: It attracts many pollinating insects, and is home to predatory bugs.

9. Nasturtium: Repels insects pests and attracts INSECTS beneficial. Besides the flowers you can eat at the salad.

10. Borage: Strengthens the plants have around because the silicon supply. It also prevents the attack of TUTA ABSOLUTA or tomato caterpillar.

Maintaining a fence around the vegetable garden will protect us from many pests and keep safe is where our young soldiers insect predators. If you liked the entry do not forget to leave a comment. Already have a wall in your vegetable garden?



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