Growing Broccoli

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How to Provide

In early January; sow Broccoli seeds indoors in trays in succession planting per week in 4” pots. Sow Broccoli in soil that is 80oF at ¼” depth. You may also try soaking for 12 hours and sprouting the Broccoli seeds and then plant directly into the soil if seedlings are not taking off. It will take about 4-7 days to germinate. Transplant the seedlings into a hot bed in soil that is 60-65oF. Do not disturb the roots of when transplanting. Space each seedling 16” apart and 12” staggered, between rows.

Growing-Broccoli Growing Broccoli [image source: harvesttotable-com]

Broccoli is an immature flower that loves boron. If it doesn’t have enough boron, your Broccoli will have stunted growth and will have a hollow stem-as will other members of the cabbage family. Add ½ ounce of borax per 1,000 sq ft to the soil as an…

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