How to Sprout or Grow Fodder


How to Provide

Sprout-SoakWhat is Sprouting & Fodder?

Sprouting is the process of taking seeds through the germination process by first soaking the seed in water for about 2-12 hours, then draining water from the seed into trays, the grain/seeds are then rinsed morning and evening for 5 days. Fodder continues to grow for 4 more days, a total of 9 days which yields more grass and less seed.


In the morning, our the portion of dry sprouting mix into the 5-gallon bucket. Fill with water, leaving 3” of space on top in case of rain. Let it soak for 2-12 hrs, depending on the grain or seed. After soaking, pour the excess water off with the debris with it.

5-Drawer Sprouting Tower 5-Drawer Sprouting Tower

Sprouting and Fodder

Pour the soaked grains and/or seeds into your seedling trays at a 1”-2” depth or in the shelf system 6″ deep. Rinse the mix using a…

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