The Multi-Species Flock of Birds

I would love so much to have my chickens…

How to Provide

Multi Species Flock Multi Species Flock

Birds of a feather, flock together? While it is an old, funny saying, this really isn’t the case. Multi-species flocking occurs in nature; frequently. Not just coexisting in the same space, but true camaraderie, a true relationship. For instance, woodpeckers use chickadees and titmice as sentinels, standing guard, keeping watch, protecting against marauding predators. The golden-crowned warblers call other birds to form a mixed-species hunting party, each species foraging in their preferred niche whether from tree branches, the ground or mid-way in the shrubs. In nature, multiple species of birds use each others strengths to help everyone to survive.

If in nature multiple species of birds not only congregate together, but flock together, utilizing everyone’s skills, why shouldn’t we allow this for our poultry flock? It is true we have stopped multi-species flocks in agriculture. Starting in the early 1900’s, our farm management practices changed. We confined…

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