This Water Pump Is Propelled By The Water It Pumps

How to Provide

With a ram pump, you don’t have to worry about being waterless if your electricity goes out.

[by Jesse Frost April 27, 2016 repost:

Moving water has been a challenge for farmers since time immemorial. Water wants to flow downhill, and often, you need it to flow uphill. Your animals need it. Your garden needs it. Your family needs it. So for centuries, when people needed water uphill, they laboriously hauled it there. But in the late 1700s, a Frenchman named Joseph Montgolfier—improving upon a slightly earlier patent—placed a valve on the pump that made it self-acting and made the water able to move itself. Thus, the self-acting hydraulic ram pump was born.

This clever device doesn’t require electricity but uses the force of water to move the water, so as you can imagine, it was a wildly popular tool throughout the 1800s. Although it fell out of favor…

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