Raising Heritage Breed Chickens for Meat

I miss so much living among chickens…

How to Provide

[reposted from my Capper’s Farmer blog: http://www.cappersfarmer.com/blogs/falcos-poultry.aspx ]

Raising heritage breed chickens for meat is difficult for a farmer to gauge timing of harvest. Currently the industry harvests birds at about 6 through 8 weeks of age. These super-sized industrial breeds grow very, very, very quickly. The industrial breeds such as the Cornish Cross are a hybrid that has been bred to build lots of muscle structure, super fast. These birds are big. These birds are flavorless. And I do mean flavorless.

Once you have tried a heritage breed chicken you will never go back to the Cornish Cross. There is a significant difference between the two options. Which would you choose; flavorful, rich, unctuous chicken meat or big-breasted, marshmallow-y, spongy chicken meat? Hardly a choice … Oh, glorious true chicken flavor! You will find yourself snitching the chicken skin and discussing how to render chicken fat into a perfect…

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