A New Homestead Breed of Poultry: Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks and Geese

How to Provide

Breeding a New Breed Breeding a New Breed

To create the ideal homestead breed for each of your poultry species you have to create a clear-cut concept of the new breed’s ideal attributes or traits.  You are going to formulate a Standard of Perfection of Conformation for your new homestead breed for each species in your poultry flock.

Modern breeding methods which focus purely on extremely high feed conversion rates, early maturity, high egg production, or beauty alone and rapid weight gain do not favor health, vigor or longevity.  Thus disease takes hold of flocks, such as the avian flu, which then renders a poultry farmer bankrupt and creates an epidemic pushing its way to more farms resulting in an industry bankruptcy and a true tragedy.  These breeding methods inherently cause health problems which render the bird unproductive after a year and a half or as soon as eight weeks, thus shortening the profitability…

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