Emergency Preparedness : Disaster Planning for Your Livestock

How to Provide

Forest Fire's Effect on Livestock (Photo: South Puget Sound Strike Team)

Transporting livestock animals to safety when disaster strikes can be difficult. Disaster preparedness is important for all animals, but it is particularly important for livestock because of the animals’ size and the requirements needed to shelter and transport them. If you think that disasters happen only if you live in a flood plain, forest fire zone, or near an earthquake fault line you may be tragically mistaken. Disasters can happen anywhere and include barn fires, blizzards, tornadoes, hazardous material spills, propane line explosions, and train derailments, all of which may necessitate evacuation. It is imperative that you be prepared to protect your livestock, whether by evacuating or by sheltering in place.

Take Precautions

Cattle in Blizzard The early-October blizzard, so powerful it has been named “Atlas,” was devastating to many ranch families in Western South Dakota. – michfb.com

  • Make a disaster plan to protect your property, facilities…

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