How To Survive A Disaster By Keeping A Cool Head

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How to Provide

There is a psychology to surviving a disaster. A disaster essentially removes you and your family from your everyday reality and places you in an extreme reality. This alternate reality stresses you to the max and can jeopardize your decision making

[image source: invenioit-com] [image source: invenioit-com] process. These stresses produce thoughts and emotions which can render you completely paralyzed; a deer in the headlights. It is important to understand the nature of stress, how you naturally would react and how you might react better so that you are more effective when you need it most.

The Nature of Stress

The nature of stress is described as our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual reaction to pressures.  Stress effects our brain and nervous system, heart, stomach, pancreas, intestines, reproductive system, joints and muscles.  We do need stress.

[image source:] [image source: wikimedia-org] Stress provides us with challenges which gives us opportunities to learn about the world…

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