In organic gardening natural fertilizers become fundamental to improve soil structure and be able to get a good harvest, fertilizers compost, humus or as in the case today, with green manure, are essential if we provide nutrients to our soil to improve daily life of an organic and natural way.

After winter crops, or once we have removed the summer crops, we can start planting green manure, terracing or parts of the garden that will leave stops for the time in which we live.

Green fertilization

Green manure is not a well-known method, yet it is a simple way to not leave fallow land and to pay it during that time. The most used plants are legumes, which are responsible for accumulating nitrogen in their roots and soil just before the flowering season. So, for the fertilizer to be effective, proceed to harvest and incorporated into the soil the plant at the right time to happen.

1- nitrogen. Plants that fix nitrogen from the air store it in their roots during the growing season of the plant, usually bulges that are called lymph. This accumulated nitrogen will use the plant during its most voracious period: fruiting. So if you want that nitrogen enrich your soil, the root should not touch.When you cut the plant root to die to release the stored nitrogen surrounding land. If you take the root, that nitrogen is not released completely.

2. Organic matter. When cutting the plant, the root also dies. And as organic matter as fertilizer to your soil. Not only by nitrogen, but for the rest of nutrients and minerals that compose it. Microorganisms, scale insects and worms are responsible for breaking the roots well.

3. Aeration. The roots of the plants as they grow and delving into the earth, creating channels. When the root dies, those channels promote soil aeration.This aeration is very beneficial not only for microorganisms, but for the rest of plants: Roots also need air to breathe. Anything you do to avoid soil compaction will improve its fertility.

4. microbial life. If you start changing the root are the habitat of millions of microorganisms and small animals that live there, and they are the ones that give fertility to your land.

In this video, we have planted, peas and beans left over us from other crops, we can see step by step, how to plant green manure, in another video we will see how we can reap this time green manure.



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