What Eggs-actly Do You Know About Eggs?

How to Provide

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What really do you know about eggs other than they make a delicious breakfast? Well, Falco’s Heritage Farm and Capper’s Farmer are here to answer all your egg-related questions!

Production of an egg typically takes about 11 ½ days. Typically, enough hormone is released to develop only one ova and one yolk. Young, first laying hens or old hens can develop more than one ova and yolk, which results in a double yolk or other eggy anomaly. On average, your chicken, duck or turkey hen needs to receive about 14 hours of light in a day in order to trigger the right hormones to start egg production. Once your hen receives this light, the next step consumes the most time. Once the hormones are released the ova ripens and yolk development occurs which takes about 9 days. Once the ova and yolk are…

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