Seed Saving Primer : Part One : Seed Biology 101

How to Provide

For those of us who pour over seed catalogs come January, this is for you!

In full disclosure, I need to confess something… I am a HEIRLOOM SEED FREAK!!!  Seriously… no lie, it is sort of an obsession.  I love their names: Di Cicco Broccoli, Minnesota Midget Melon, Tom Thumb Popcorn, French Breakfast Radish

Heirloom Seeds Heirloom Seeds
[image source: (Have you ever had a radish for breakfast? Me either; I’ll have to give that a try…), Rouge Vif d’Etampes Pumpkin and Black Krim Tomatoes.  Seed saving is slowly being revived.  I doubt I will ever completely stop buying seeds as there are just so many that I wish to try, but saving seeds has its own appeal.

I enjoy breeding poultry and have recently taken it upon myself to start breeding vegetable seeds.  I would love to chat more about this topic, but alas, I must wait and start at…

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