Preserve Your Harvest : Freezer Friendly Fruit & Veggies

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How to Provide

Because we are homesteaders, we are always looking for: 1. Ways to Preserve Food and 2. Meal Time Savers! Here is a how to properly freeze your fruit and vegetables for use during the winter and when you are just to busy to do all that prep work.

Freezer Friendly Fruit

Prepare, peel and slice (when appropriate) your fruit. Wash in a water/vinegar bath. Line a baking sheet with waxed paper, lay out slices, pieces or berries and freeze for several hours. Transfer the fruit to a freezer bag or a glass canning jar and pour a couple tablespoons of an acidic simple syrup over the fruit and return to freezer for the deep freeze. When freezing fruit it just may darken. This can be avoided by briefly soaking the fruit in an acidic simple syrup made with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. The acidic simple syrup is madeā€¦

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