Top 10 Seasonal Vegetable Gardening Tips

How to Provide

  1. Prepare Your Soil :
    • Create the right texture of soil by first determining your type of soil.  Is it sandy, silty, peaty, clay, saline or loam?  What you want is loam.  Loam is a balance of sand, clay and silt and add in

      Loam Soil Loam Soil

      humus.  Loam is dark in color, mealy, partly smooth, partly gritty and partly sticky when formed into a ball, but crumbles easily.  Amend your garden’s soil until you reach the loam texture.

    • Determine your PH level.  Is your soil acidic or alkaline?  Some vegetables prefer acidic, while others prefer alkaline.
    • Nourish your soil by adding manure, kelp meal and beneficial soil inoculants.
  2. Growing Conditions : Know what each vegetable likes for healthy, abundant growth.  Does that vegetable like hot and dry, cool and wet or temperate conditions?  Plant the vegetable in the right season when those conditions are most likely to occur.
  3. Let There Be…

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