How an Egg is Formed

How to Provide

Egg Formation Process
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Laying an egg is triggered by receiving adequate sunlight through a receptor in your bird’s eye which triggers hormone production mainly in the pituitary gland. The average amount of light required to begin egg production is about 14 hours. This is why your hens produce more eggs during the spring and summer months than in the fall and winter months. Your chicken and turkey hens will produce very well from March until September, seven months of the year. Your ducks hens and goose hen will produce from February until June and September through October, seven months of the year.   The number of eggs a hen lays in her lifetime is determined by four major factors: species, breed, nutrition and shelter.

  1. Needed amount of light (14 hrs) triggers the production of hormones. Ducks, turkeys and geese do need a male present to produce…

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