3 Important Factors in Buying Land… That You May Not Have Considered

Water is kind of given, the others are less likely to come up to mind.

How to Provide

[photo source: flcker.com] [photo source: flickr.com]  

  1. A Big, Bold, Bubbling Spring

Back in the day, which to many people has a different meaning so instead I will say, way back in the day when a pioneer looked for a place to plant

[photo source: rachelfunkheller.com] [photo source: rachelfunkheller.com]

their roots, they sought out a big, bold, bubbling spring. A spring is water that comes out of the ground of its own accord. A spring was highly prized over a well as you didn’t have to crank the water bucket all the down to the bottom of the well and crank the now heavy bucket of water all the way to the surface. A spring also provided a lot of natural filtering in comparison to river water or well water. As a homesteader, having a spring could also provide you with the means to an electricity-free dairy. Building a springhouse over the spring and storing your…

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