How to Grow Fruit and Vegetables in Winter

How to Provide

Step One: Create the Right Conditions

Raised Beds

A raised bed is when a frame sits above the ground and is filled with soil. When the soil is elevated, the soil temperature increases by 8 o – 13 oF over in-ground soil temperatures.

Cold Frames

A cold frame is simply a box with a transparent lid. Cold frames protect plants from damaging winds, killing frosts and help to retain heat.


Mulch discourages weeds, helps to retain moisture and helps to increase soil temperatures by 15o-32oF depending on hours of sunlight.

Hot Beds

A hot bed is invaluable in cold climates. A 3 ft – 4ft hole is dug and an 18 in. – 24 in. deep layer of fresh manure and straw mix is laid down in September and a 12 in. – 24 in. deep layer of soil is laid on top. As…

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