Forest Permaculture

Forest Permaculture

This sounds amazing! Wished I had space to do this kind of thing. I would probably add a FlowHive to add bees for pollination and honey.

Also I would probably need a different wife as mine is not comfortable around so much nature for the possibility of reptiles.

How to Provide

Forest Permaculture is an integrated three dimensional design of permanent agricultural layers combining tall trees, small trees and shrubs, vines, perennial and self-seeding ground covers, and livestock to sustainability and permanently provide nutrients.

Ground Cover Layer Permaculture Ground Cover Layer

Okay, that sounds so serious and professional.  Permaculture is a method of farming management where the environment provides food for your livestock.  Forest permaculture means that it is in the woods rather than a pasture and is my preferred location for all of my livestock.  So instead of a one dimensional, mono-crop of an annual alfalfa pasture which provides food once, maybe twice, to your livestock, forest permaculture provides three dimensional food crops which sustainability and permanently provide food while also providing shade and security for all of your livestock. This is precisely what you need for your homestead.  This creates a diverse food source for your animals and makes it much easier…

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