Growing Beets

They are pretty easy and quick to grow, I made mistakes harvesting them.

How to Provide

Beets are most certainly one of my most favorite vegetables in the world. Specifically, I love roasted beet salads with goat cheese and pumpkin seeds or walnuts. Oh, it is so good! They are very good for you as well. They are dense, meaty, earthy and fantastic. In a world where everything seems to be sweet, beets are the wonderful exceptions that tantalize my taste buds. Not only are they tasty, but they are also packed full of vitamins and minerals not easily available in other vegetables.

In the beginning of January; sow seeds in succession (enough for one week’s harvest plus a little contingency) and repeat weekly. Sow Beet seeds directly in soil that is between 75-85o F at ½” depth into a hot bed in rows with 4” spacing between rows. Beets do better when they are direct seeded but also require a high temperature to germinate…

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