11 Unique, Lightning-Fast Vegetables You Can STILL Grow From Seed

I tried radishes before. Quick and easy to grow. Harvesting is a bit of a science.

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Written by: Mary Dyer Survival Gardening

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11 Unique, Lightning-Fast Vegetables You Can STILL Plant From Seed

By the time August ends, your vegetable garden likely has a number of bare spots. This is a good thing, indeed, and a sign that the bounty of a successful harvest has enriched your dinner table and replenished your cupboards and freezer for the coming months.

Now what? Believe it or not, it isn’t necessary to let those bare patches go unused until spring planting time rolls around. In most climates, it’s possible to grow a second garden by planting another round of vegetable seeds – even in late August and early September.

Many vegetables are even sweeter when the temperatures drop a bit.

This is a good time to try a few new, unique vegetables that you’ve never tried before. Look for varieties with the shortest growing season, or those specifically labeled for late-season growing.

August can be the…

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