Based  on previous year haven’t and our consumption, I planted good amount of lettuce, artichoke  (hopefully producing next year) and carrots.

Planted yellow (pear) tomatoes for the first time and giving cantaloupe a new try after my success with watermelon last year.

That with the big amount of strawberry plants, black, blue and red berry bushes already waking up, fighting trees and the grapes should be a good amount.

Orange and lemon trees usually make one step forward and two back. Both are alive, but the lemon tree will probably rot as well. Too close to where the drain issues are. I’m surprised it is still alive. Orange is doing way better but slower than planned. At this rate it won’t be on fruit bearing size in 2 or 3 more years.

I’m done planting trees on the ground until the drainage issue is solved in the back. Not really my fault, but when they start building houses back there they have to fix it.

I’m sad to report that I Los my two pineapple plants over the winter. Turned out they rot due to all the rain. If I ever move, I’ll look into drainage a bit better.


3 thoughts on “Planting day 2017

  1. I got my garden started this weekend too! I do wish we had more trees. Our neighbors used to have a pear tree they would let us harvest because it was a beast, but they have since cut it down. Our pear tree is still very small and too close to an overgrown area that is slowly killing it. We also have blackberry bushes, but they are small. I love my little garden, and I love to get great ideas from others too.

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    1. I have small blueberry, red blueberry and blackberry
      Bushes I planted last year and got some blueberries already. All got leaves now.

      I don’t have lots of space. Mostly will be covered by a fight tree that is like 4 feet tall right now.

      Rest is on pots as poor draining is killing most of stuff I have in the ground. Only raise beds seem to work.


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