PlantSnap: Identify Plants with an App

Have you ever been out and about and wondered what species that beautiful plant, flower or tree is? PlantSnap is a mobile application for iOS, Android, and Windows built to help you identify plants with one snap. Simply take a picture of the plant, and PlantSnap will tell you what it is in seconds.

Powered by deep learning and artificial intelligence, PlantSnap is changing the game for plant identification. Our database is international, our results are instantaneous, and our responses will always be free.

We spent three months testing the concept and have already begun development, but we need a little help creating our sophisticated artificial intelligence-powered database. With community and gamification elements, it’s the app you won’t be able to put down in 2017.

Not only does the app help you better understand the plants that surround you – our data banks can help scientists understand plants globally. PlantSnap can be used as an educational tool in schools and colleges, and commercially in gardening and landscaping businesses. Wouldn’t your job be easier if your clients already knew the names of the plants they wanted? We can also help you safely identify the plants you see, before you touch them – so you can always avoid those poison ivy rashes or nettle stings.

When you sign up for PlantSnap, you join a worldwide community of nature lovers. Now you’ll never forget to #smelltheflowers again.

Our application successfully classifies images of leaves and flowers. We have built a wealth of supporting data to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the plants you snap. And here’s the big kicker: unlike other identifying apps, PlantSnap actually works – it’s powered by artificial intelligence & deep learning algorithms.

We’ve created this app with a wide range of users and uses in mind:

  • Our database can help botanists all over the planet understand ecosystems and identify new habitats.
  • Gardeners and landscapers will be able to use the technology to communicate with their clients.
  • Teachers and professors will have a simple tool at their fingertips to explain nature and plant life.
  • Our identification algorithm means you never need to touch potentially harmful plants again.
  • We give everyone an excuse to get back to nature and take a second out of their day to #smelltheflowers.
  • We have an integrated community, gamification, and added special share elements into our application to unite the plant lovers of the world.

Our algorithm is, simply put, working like a dream. Our programmers have relayed the following:

“We tested the classifier on a limited selection of leaves and flowers. A set of images for each species was divided into training and testing samples. Training sample is used to generate a recognition algorithm for each species and testing sample was passed to the classifier input. Our algorithm is able to detect most species with 100% accuracy. So basically we are feeding new, unknown images to the classifier and it’s still able to recognize the species by image.”


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