Berries in Containers


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Growing Raspberries in Containers

 Some raspberry varieties grow too large to easily grow in containers, but newer types, such as ‘Heritage’ or ‘Raspberry Shortcake’, a dwarf, thornless variety, are well suited to growing in large pots. If you choose another variety, be sure it is a fall-bearing type.

Planting tips: Plant in a container that is at least 24-36 inches wide and deep. Half-barrels or five-gallon pots are ideal sizes that allow enough room for new canes to grow in future years. Start with 3-6 canes, depending on the size of the container.

Soil and fertilizer: Use a soilless potting mix for container raspberries. Add a balanced 10-10-10 timed-release fertilizer at planting time.

Pruning and other care: Raspberries are perennials that usually set fruit on two-year-old canes. You might get some berries the first year you plant them but full bearing begins in year two. New green sprouts will…

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