Start Your Sweet Potato Slips

I have to try this after I’m done perfectionist potatoes this year!

How to Provide

I start my sweet potato slips in the beginning of February when we start to get a little more sunlight.  Growing sweet potato slips is one of the easiest things to do, sincerely!  They do take time to grow, but will save you loads of cash.

About 5-15 slips grow from each sweet potato starter – let’s just average it out to 7 slips per starter to be on the safe side.  We eat lots of sweet potatoes and require about 1,000 lbs per year.  Each sweet potato slip produces one sweet potato plant.  You may anticipate yielding about 3.5 lbs per plant.  So let’s do the math… 1,000 lbs needed / 3.5 lbs per plant yield =285 plants.  285 plant required / 7 slips per starter = 40 sweet potato slip starters are required.  Let’s say 45 sweet potato slip starters for good measure.

What you need:

  • 45 Small…

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