Insect Hotel: Why you need one!

Fighting certain pests in our orchard such as caterpillars, aphids or mealybugs can be much easier and bearable than we think especially if we build a hotel or shelter of insects as we will teach in this video, to help us To combat and control certain pests, also with this refuge we can also be able to increase production up to 20% thanks to the action of pollinators. The ideal in our ecological orchards is to bet on biodiversity as each insect has its purpose.

We have come to know through certain articles the benefits of having certain insects in our garden like lace, bees, ladybirds or sirfidos all of them are known as allies of the garden or beneficial fauna and it is important to get to know them because if we see them in our orchard we must So I encourage you to meet them all in the guide of allies of the garden.

To make our hotel, there are many alternatives and can be done in many ways, we have made this hotel or shelter taking advantage of all recycled materials or that we can collect, the structure we have made with pallet wood and we have taken advantage of mesh , The rest like pineapples, canes and branches, we have taken them near the orchard. You will see how simple it is to do it and install it in our garden.

To install the insect hotel, the ideal is to place it protected from strong winds with a south orientation (in the southern hemisphere we must put the north orientation) and it is always ideal to place something high, or for insects to find it more easily at the time of walking around the garden, protect it from possible predators and even to prevent it from spoiling us.



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