Home Meat Preservation with a Pressure Canner


How to Provide

Ease pressure on your lofty self-reliance goals by mastering the ins and outs of meat preservation at home.

By Andrea Chesman

Canning Chicken If you’re planning to pressure can chicken at home, keep in mind that raw-packed chicken is perfect for chicken salad. Photo by Andrea Chesman

Whether you raise your own meat, hunt wild game, or track down bargains at the store, the list of reasons to add home meat preservation to your skill set starts with money and ends with time. When properly done, putting up meat with a pressure canner is safe and economical — and yields excellent results.

Yes, canning does take time, but the commitment will be less than you think if your canning project includes reserving some of the results for dinner that night. And picture yourself weeks or months later, popping open a jar of home-canned chili for your hungry family. Two minutes sounds mighty…

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