Curing Pumpkin and Squash Autumn harvest for extended storage life.

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Did you know that your Pumpkins and Squash will need curing in the Autumn Sun if you want them to last more than a few weeks? Pumpkins and Squash are available to grow in a whole host of varieties, shapes, colours and sizes.

When selecting cultivars of Pumpkin or Squash to try growing at home bear in mind some have large fast growing leaves and tendrils and may benefit from plant supports where space is limited.

Growing Pumpkins in a crowded vegetable patch is not good husbandry as the large delicate leaves benefit from air circulation to reduce the outbreak of chlorophyll inhibiting mildew, which will greatly reduce your harvest and crops yield.

Pumpkins and squash are a colourful addition to a fall or autumn vegetable garden, you can even grow them amongst ornamental garden plants for added interest as they scramble towards the sunlight and decorate your host plant with…

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