5 Small Vegetable Garden Plans

Really love those. Thanks!

How to Provide

As homesteaders, we tend to equate self-reliance and food production with acreage.  While acres surely help in self-reliance, they are not completely necessary…  at least at the beginning.  I do not specialize in small gardens, but I wanted to offer these plans as inspiration for everyone just getting started.  Urban homesteading is most certainly on the rise and there are quite a few homesteaders doing an excellent job at maximizing every square inch of space; which we large acreage homesteaders can learn from and appreciate.

In this article I have provided a couple of great small vegetable garden plans from BHG (an excellent resource, by the way) for all of you getting started in homesteading gardening.

In addition to a large-scale homesteading, our new project will absolutely cover numerous space-saving techniques for those of you who homestead in an urban area or on a limited scale.  Self sufficiency is the…

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