Growing & Freezing Blueberries

Just wish mine survived the Texas summer heat…

In Dianes Kitchen


I have grown two blueberry bushes for about 25 years. My bushes are as tall as I am now. I have never pruned them except for the dead branches. We do not have acidic soil so I do add an acidic fertilizer to them every few weeks.

For those of you wondering how to keep the birds from eating all of your blueberries without the use of a net, read on. This method has worked for me the entire 25 years of growing them. I pound steel fencing posts around my bushes. I have a total of 5 posts but my bushes are pretty big. I started out with only 3 posts. Next I buy the large rectangle aluminum pans, I cut them in half then poke a hole just below one of the crimped corners. I tie string, wire or whatever is handy to the aluminum pan and then…

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