Updates from the field: New strawberry types

After a few years eating strawberries from the same plants it was time to bring new ones.

I’m learning as I go so this week I was introduced to some different types of strawberries.

Tristan doesn’t have many runners but it has a beautiful pink flower.

Merlan is similar with the low amount of runners but with a white flower.

Loran I plantes in a pot to propagate as this is the type already in the raised bed. Lots of runners that I’ll move to the bed to replace older plants.

This is a new approach I’m taking since after a few years the older plants just stop producing as much and often just die. This way I can have backups. Also if winters are harsh I can have this one inside protected for the next year.

Potatoes keep growing big and strong. At this point my only concern is what to do with so many. I guess that’s a good thing to be concerned about.

Green grapes are doing great. Need to start looking on how to protect the fruit from birds.

Red grapes joined a bit late but looking promising.

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